“I don’t care what you say about me, as long as you say something about me, and as long as you spell my name right.” – George M. Cohan

The week got off to a pretty good start what with the Steelers  defense slapping the Vikings silly and the Steelers O giving a reasonably good accounting of itself. No sooner were the Vikes sent packing than we were treated to the spectacle of a possible lightning strike at the Cowboys – Broncos game. Don’t act all shocked. You know you wouldn’t mind seeing Jerry Jones get singed a little in the wallet area.

Idler 245 B

But the game resumed after a brief delay and, boom!, the pokes got totally stampeded by the Broncs. To round out the evening we got to take a look at a future Steeler opponent, Green Bay, who were pretty good but not good enough to overcome the Super Bowl super-chokers from Atlanta.

While that Sunday night game was underway and on another channel, they were giving out the Emmy awards. We found out two things when we checked it out at halftime. 1) We don’t watch any of the shows they were awarding, and 2) They talked more about President Trump than anything having to do with their TV shows. The Emmys looked like several hours worth of Trump! Trump! Trump!

We must have grown up in an era when politics wasn’t the only thing in the world. People only talked about presidents when they ran for the office, or when something dramatic happened, like when Eisenhower had a heart attack in 1955. We don’t remember people who voted for Nixon in 1960 or Carter in 1980 still wailing about it eight months after the inauguration. And there’s no way you’d have Hollywood types marching up to a microphone on national television to call Truman bad names. When a newspaperman criticized his daughter’s singing, Harry offered to show him the floorplan. If they did it to Roosevelt he’d have probably put them in internment camps.

Not that Trump isn’t asking for it. He seemed to get a kick out of tweeting that video of himself hitting a golf ball that ricochets around before eventually knocking Hillary down as she’s boarding an airplane. It was actually pretty funny, and a candidate other than Hillary might have actually gotten a laugh out of it. Still, you can’t imagine Ike doing something like that. Of course you can’t imagine Adlai Stevenson spending ten months blaming everyone in sight for his loss and then calling Ike a creep.

As childish as the president can be, it’s somehow refreshing to hear him tag the sawed-off Nork dictator as “Rocket Man.” Can’t you see the crazy little bugger furiously demanding that his underlings translate the phrase and explain its underlying meaning. “Is compliment, no? I am man who has many rockets! Many rockets!” By the way, in the arena of mis-heard lyrics, we know a guy who, as a kid, would insist that the chorus of the Elton John hit went, “Rocket man, burnin’ down McKeesport all day long.” Maybe he could get a job in the White House.

Meanwhile, when the Democrats aren’t calling him names, he seems to have them calling each other names. Nancy Pelosi was trying to get off a little standard pandering to the open borders crowd when they turned on her and started calling her names, chanting. “You’re a liar.” What made them so upset that they would attack someone presumed to be on their side? They didn’t want her to negotiate with President Trump. They wanted her to open the borders all by herself. There he goes again.

When our grandpas and grandmas came over on the boat they had to pass a test before they could become naturalized citizens. I’m sure they would have learned enough about how the government works to know that the House Minority Leader can’t pass any laws all by herself. They had to know that before a law was enacted it would have to be signed by the president unless there were enough votes to override his veto. You don’t need to be Oliver Wendell Holmes to know that.

So by dumping on Nancy they’re not only alienating an ally, they’re demonstrating their unfitness for citizenship. Oh, and they’re getting the name of their nemesis back in the news. We’re just glad that politics hasn’t made its way into football. Oh, wait.

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