“The trouble with this country is that there are too many people going about saying, ‘The trouble with this country is…”’ ~ Sinclair Lewis

We must admit we had one of the best 4th of Julys ever. Now that they’ve thrown out the “settled science” about nutrition – how red meat, butter and fried foods will kill you – we got to fire up some steaks on the grill, corn on the cob and steak fries. Real charcoal too – that carbon footprint is about a 14 EEE now.

Idler 234 B

We also felt it was our duty as true red blooded Americans to down a few brewskis. None of these fancy imports either, monsieur, we’ll have the full tilt lager and might as well make it a 16 oz as long as Europe. (Ha-ha! Get it?) How many millilitres is that? Who cares?

Yes, as we look around the world and take in its Kim Jong Un’s and its Emmanuel Macrons; its Merkels and Maduros; its Mays and Trudeau’s; its Hassan Rouhani’s and Vladimir Putins, it only makes us happier and prouder to live right here in the good ol’ U S of A.

Not that we’re perfect.

A lot of people think our president’s a nut because he posted a film clip – we think they’re called “GIF’s” – of himself and a CNN-headed person in a World Wrestling Federation setting. The president once had some business interest in professional wrestling. In the clip he, the president, but in that earlier incarnation, “clotheslines” in a professional wrestling sort of way, the CNN-head and throws him to the floor.

We might be shocked and chagrined and clutching our pearls if we had any, except that it occurred to us that it’s exactly the type of thing we would do if we were president and had a beef with some TV station. So it’s not really shocking per se, it’s only shocking because of how much like us he is. Do we really want a president like that? We do? Well, okay then.

On the educational front, we never tire of those interview segments where they ask college students what year the Declaration of Independence was, uh, declared and they answer, “1984” or “last Tuesday.” We have to believe that they never show all the students who get the right answer, or that the dummies are just goofing on the interviewer. Also, would people in other countries do any better? We mean the ones who don’t blow themselves up.

On the other hand, when you realize how much information people get from television, it’s pretty disappointing that the History Channel, home of such highbrow fare as “Ancient Aliens” and “Hitler’s Secret Wilmerding Bunker” recently posted a picture of George Washington and the Continental Army fighting at the Battle of Gettysburg.

Meanwhile, here In PA, we’re starting to think that all the lawyers are crooked. Or is it the ninety-nine percent that give the rest a bad name?

The District Attorney for the City Of Philadelphia just got sent up for accepting bribes. It was way into six figures so at least he sold out for a decent price. Last Fall, Kathleen Kane, Pennsylvania Attorney General, got 10 to 23 months for perjury and related offenses. But in the process, she forced the resignation of two Supreme Court justices who forwarded the kind of emails Beavis and Butthead might send you if they were, like, real. Dillweed.

Finally there’s former federal prosecutor, former presidential candidate and current governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, who can be seen on aerial surveillance sitting in a beach chair, looking skyward and mouthing New Jersey’s official state motto, “What the #@&! you looking at?”

Christie’s reaction to press complaints about his using a beach that was closed to the public (for reasons stemming from the state’s inability to produce a budget), reveals a rare and admirable authenticity of character. This is a Jersey guy who is in the last six months of his second and final term as governor. It’s July, it’s hot, he took his family to the beach. You got a problem with that?

So we’ve got nutty presidents, clueless historians, crooked prosecutors, juvenile judges and beached governors. And it’s still the best country that ever was. Hope you had a happy Independence Day.


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