“Everything you see I owe to spaghetti” – Sophia Loren

Drop that turkey bacon. Pour that skim milk down the drain and dump that decaf. You heard me! Now fry up a couple of dippy eggs in real bacon drippings. Our long national nightmare is over.

Beer Pyramid

Some of you old timers will remember how, 50 some years ago, the experts told us that butter and olive oil was killing us. That is, it was full of saturated fat which was so lethal that even smelling the stuff would have your arteries hardening and your ventricles fibrillating and in no time you’d be flopping around on the pavement like a carp. Immediately an entire nation switched from butter to oleo – margarine of some sort – and from olive oil to corn, sunflower or canola oil. So you’d get hold of a nice thick slice of crusty Italian bread, or break off a hunk of one of those French baguettes, and you’d have to slap a lot of tasteless oleo on it. Experts in the field of cardiac health gave dark and terrifying warnings about the dire consequences you faced by not jettisoning your Land O’ Lakes for a tub of Blue Bonnet.  People must have thought it was worth it; for a while there if you asked for real butter, they looked at you as if you were a 2 year old asking for chocolate covered bubble gum. “You don’t want that, son. Try some of this margarine instead. It tastes the same and is much better for you. See, it says ‘I Can’’t Believe It’s Not Butter’ right on the label!” Even the moms and the babas signed on. Oh sure, they were all very nice about it, but there was no arguing with them. It was like that movie where everybody starts acting weird sort of overnight and you can’t figure out why. “Invasion of the Butter Snatchers.”

It was the same deal with beef. It was deadly! If you served up a steak or – heaven forbid – prime rib, you should expect to be picked up for attempted murder. “Alright Mrs. McGillicuddy, we’re going to count to three and you’re going to put down the T-bone and come out with your oven mitts up.” When you went to the post office you’d be looking for Ruth and Chris on the most wanted posters.

Then they’d pull out that “food pyramid” and tell you you should be stuffing yourself with grain and minimizing your protein intake.

Well guess what. It was all baloney. Well, not baloney so much as bull. Maybe not bull; let’s call it tofu. A big, fat, disgusting rancid truckload of tofu. You know what they’re telling us now? The low protein, high carb diet is unhealthy. In fact, it’s largely responsible for all these four and five hundred pounders you see at Walmart. Here are some other recent discoveries we learned from this site  (https://authoritynutrition.com/20-mainstream-nutrition-myths-debunked/):

* Eggs for breakfast results in significant weight loss compared to bagels;

* Seed and vegetable oils are associated with an increased risk of heart disease;

* Saturated fat is harmless. A study published in 2010 using data from a total of 21 studies that included 347,747 individuals found absolutely no association between saturated fat and the risk of heart disease;

* Protein reduces two of the main risk factors for kidney disease which are diabetes and high blood pressure. A high protein diet is beneficial in many other areas including increased muscle mass, reduced body fat and a lower risk cardiovascular disease

It’s true that you can find an “expert” to support anything on the internet, but at least with those guys you’re eating real food again. One final cautionary note: Just because 99.9% of the so-called “scientific” dietary advice you’ve heard over the past several decades has turned out to be complete bushwa, that doesn’t mean that other “scientific” stuff you hear shouted about on TV * cough – global warming – cough * is also total hogwash. You want to keep an open mind. Now where did I put the chocolate covered bubble gum?

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