“Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies.” ― Nelson Mandela

In our quest to keep you up to date on the latest events in today’s fast-paced news cycle, we here at Idler headquarters are not intimidated by the controversial issues of the day. We don’t know the meaning of the word intimidated. You get over two or three syllables, we have to look it up. Anyway, our conclusion is that people are taking things wa-a-a-y too seriously lately. Here are a few examples:

Lighten up 02

Everyone is talking about the Wendy Bell situation, which we found surprising mostly because we had never before heard of Wendy Bell. It’s nothing personal, but her TV time slot must have conflicted with our work and/or happy hour schedule, so we never actually saw her working, as in newscasting. We saw her picture in the paper, though, and she must have been a pleasant and attractive newswoman. She’s not a newswoman anymore though, at least not in Pittsburgh. Her firing was announced by WTAE President and General Manager Charles W. Welfertz III. You can tell from the Roman numeral that he’s the guy in charge. Usually only kings and popes have Roman numerals. The next time I get canned, and it may not be far off, I hope it’s by someone with a Roman numeral. But what did Wendy do to get the ax? She got on Facebook..

There was a horrific shooting in Wilkinsburg and she used her Facebook page to conjecture about the killers, as yet unidentified, of 5 adults and an unborn baby at a backyard barbecue. She speculated that the killers were young black men. We don’t think that was the controversial part. They could have been elderly female Laplanders, but Columbo probably wouldn’t have followed that lead. It was probably when she opined about the background and family life of the imagined killers that she crossed the line. Sociologists have written lots of books and papers about broken families and violent crime but hey, Wendy, you’re no sociologist.

Anyway, there followed a huge uproar in the “comments” section of her Facebook post. Wendy realized too late that she had exposed herself to the righteous indignation of people who get righteously indignant. She reportedly tried to amend her remarks and later delete and apologize for them but she underestimated how fast these things spread. On Facebook, if your “friend” comments on someone’s public page, you are notified and then you can comment too, which your friends are notified of and so on, by geometrical progression, to every Facebook subscriber with time on his hands. And what’s more delicious than righteous indignation what with the moral superiority it implies and the virtue signalling it so neatly accomplishes? So delicious that it turned into a feeding frenzy. In the offending post, Wendy also said nice things about a young man working at a restaurant she patronized, but this only seemed to further inflame the mob. We couldn’t tell anything about the commenters except that they were in extraordinarily high dudgeon, but we had to wonder how many of the aggrieved were white and female, like Wendy. (White men, who as we know are responsible for all the evil in the known universe, run away from this type of thing like their hair was on fire. At least the smart ones, like Welfertz III and unlike yours truly.)

Then there’s Corey Lewandowski and his actions with reference to a reporter named Michelle Fields. Fields, of the Breitbart news site, claimed that Lewandowski, a Trump campaign official, assaulted her to the point of knocking her over. Talk about a no-hold-barred campaign. Lewandowski claimed he never laid a glove on her. Videotape showed that they were both full of, er, embellishment. Ms Fields says she got some bruises for her trouble You’ll see a lot more contact than that on “Dancing with the Stars”. It was the most boring story in the news for about three days running and now it will probably end up in court.

Naturally, the Idler has a solution to all this acrimony and discord. You know how they kick off the Christmas shopping season with a “Light Up Night”? We’re here to propose a “Lighten Up Night.” Take Wendy. Okay, she’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer. But she wasn’t being malicious, just dumb and clueless. You can’t fire all the dumb and clueless people. Where would we get our borough councilmen?

As for Corey and Michelle. Time out, you two! Corey, this isn’t Mixed Martial Arts. You need to ease up a bit where the ladies are concerned. Michelle, are you sure Corey wasn’t motivated by something other than aggression? What’s that? He’s married with four kids? Works for a billionaire? Get yourself a good lawyer, honey.

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