“Transported to a surreal landscape, a young girl kills the first person she meets, and then teams up with three strangers to kill again” Synopsis, “The Wizard of Oz”

Don’t worry, the Idler has no intention of trying his hand at the unwholesome game of film criticism. But at least those people put their opinions out there where everyone can ignore them. We were forced to watch the “Golden Globes” a while back, and they don’t seem interested in what real people like. They gave all the awards to people and movies nobody’s ever heard of. There is a very good reason for this. The Golden Globes are run by an outfit that calls itself, “The Hollywood Foreign Press Association” So you can see how their taste in entertainment might differ a tad from yours and your other brother Darryl’s.

wizardofoz (1)

That doesn’t necessarily mean they pick bad movies. I’m sure their Best Drama Motion Picture, “Boyhood”, is a nice movie. It’s supposed to follow the children of an American family through 12 years of growing up in Texas. About half of the viewing public has had a boyhood, and the other half has had pretty close brushes with one or more of them, so you might ask, if it’s not “Huckleberry Finn” quality, why are we bothering? Here’s why, because it’s not really about the kids, it’s about the idiot adults and their stupidity and self-involvement. It’s about relationships. There’s a word that will send most of the guys down to the basement to check the ductwork. And as it turns out we’re not bothering; the box office has been abysmal. Why won’t people fork over a ten-spot to find out why Billy-Bob isn’t exercising his weekend child-visitation rights? It’s a puzzlement.

The Golden Globe winner for “Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy” went to “Grand Budapest Hotel”  It’s about a concierge in an old hotel in a fictional country in central Europe. Hard to believe the foreign press would like something like that. In this case, though, the movie isn’t as important as the director, Wes Anderson. Anderson, in turn, is as famous for weird, colorful set decorations as he is for his actual films. The whole otherworldly color scheme shtick was kind of interesting in “The Royal Tenenbaums” since the story was funny and Gene Hackman was there to keep it from floating away into cartoon land. Then Anderson made something called “The Life Aquatic” and even the great Bill Murray couldn’t keep that vessel from landing on Spongebob’s house in Bikini Bottom. Anyway, the popularity of “Grand Budapest Hotel” is such that it’s already been on HBO for a couple of weeks.

Someone you might recognize actually did win a Golden Globe award – Julianne Moore, coincidentally the Roger Moore of the Silence of the Lambs franchise. Oh, and local boy Michael Keaton got one too. Still we can’t help but think most of the viewership tunes in hoping to see the glitterati on the red carpet and hopefully someone falling off her high heels.

Anyway, the Academy Awards show is in a couple of weeks, and the above mentioned films have been nominated for Oscars too. But there’s also one that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association overlooked, “American Sniper.” We don’t think the creators of that film care whether they win any Golden Globes or Oscars. They have already won the most important award, and they don’t have to thank any academies for it. Instead they’ll thank all the little people who made their hundred million dollar opening weekend box office possible.

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